CNC Indexable Broaching

duMONT Indexable Broaching System type treatment

Indexable Broaching Systems Combine Flexibility & Rigidity to Deliver Superior Performance

With generations of experience delivering American-crafted precision broaching tools, our passion for developing new technologies that solve problems gives our Indexable Broaching Systems the ability to improve productivity, quality and consistency in ways that stand the test of time. 

CNC Broaching Kits

Our CNC Broaching Kits are designed to conveniently give you a wide range of capabilities for your applications at a better value than buying individually. These kits contain our CNC Broaches, inserts and torx drivers in a convenient metal rack for simple storage and use. 

cnc broaches in metal rack

Motorized Slotter

The duMONT Motorized Slotter can easily handle internal and external keyway and spline profiles in significantly shorter cycle time while consolidating operations in one machine and eliminating secondary broaching operations. 

In a cycle time comparison, our motorized slotter is 5-10 times faster than other CNC broaching tools for OD & ID slots & splines and 50 times faster than Wire EDM in producing slots & splines. 

motorized slotter with tools

Slotter Insert Holders

Our line of broaching insert holder tools was developed for use on motorized slotting machines for CNC lathes. With the line of tools for motorized slotting machines, it is possible to use the inserts of standard lines for keyway seatings, hexagonal profiles and square profiles. It is also possible to manufacture tools and inserts for special profiles.   

CNC broaching insert holder

Stock Tool Holders for Inch and Metric Keyway and Slotting Inserts

Our tool holders designed to work exclusively with duMONT Stock Keyway and Slotting Inserts are heat treated tool steel, hardened to 58/60 HRC at the Insert seat providing resistance to deformation and longer tool life. Available applications include Keyways in Tapered Bore, Square, Hexagon and Involute Internal Gears.  

stock tool holder cnc broaching

Keyway Inserts

The inserts designed to work exclusively with duMONT Tool Holders are sintered steel alloy with a 13% cobalt content, heat treated to a 72 HRC hardness, providing toughness and impact resistance. A TiN coating is applied to improve wear resistance and lubricity. All inserts are designed to allow several re-sharpenings. 

dumont CNC broaching inserts

Tools & Inserts for Square, Hexagon & Splined Profiles 

This series of duMONT tools was developed to execute internal squares, hexagons & splined profiles. The choice of tool is determined by the shape and the minimum entry hole of the workpiece to be machined. It is also possible to make special tools in various diameters and sizes based on specific customer needs. 

Explore Tools and Inserts for: 



– Splined Profiles

tools for square hexagon and splined profiles

As your Tooling Concierge, we use our expertise to understand your complex machining applications and recommend the right tooling. At Pilot, we also leverage our technical knowledge and business relationships to connect you with four of the world’s most respected brands of broaching tools, reamers, micro endmills & drills, and more.