Countersinking & Chamfering

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Countersinks, Deburring Tools and Chamfering Cutters for your Countersinking Operations

Magafor’s highly productive countersinking cutters are a much-improved version of the traditional multi-flute milling cutter. It offers the following benefits: grooves opened wide to allow for greater chip removal, high positive cut, constant profile relief for many regrinds, self-centering countersink, and work without vibration.

Tri-Dent Countersinks

Our Tri-Dent countersinks are ideal for countersinking and chamfering applications. Available in solid carbide, HSS-E cobalt and TiN materials, we offer hand countersinks as well as 60-, 82- and 90-degree three flute countersinks. We also carry out 90-degree countersinks with an anti-vibration series in both HSS-E cobalt and TiN. 

trident countersinks

Zero-Flute Deburring Tool with Hole

The Magafor zero-flute deburring tool “with hole” is specifically designed for countersinking and chamfering light metals and plastics. The surface obtained is smooth and without burrs.  The tool is available in HSS-E cobalt and M352/TiN, and at 62-, 82-, 90-, 100- and 120-degree angles.

zero flute deburring tool

Single-Flute Chamfering Cutters

Our single-flute chamfering cutters offer greater countersinking capacity from the point to the outside diameter than our zero-flute deburring tools and can perform simultaneous drilling and countersinking operations on thin elements such as laminates, aluminum and wood. 

single flute countersinking set

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