Hard Turning Inserts

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PCBN & PCD Turning Inserts

The insert geometry and edge preparation are extremely important in hard part turning since they have a significant influence on tool life and productivity. The Palbit product range includes standard and wiper inserts. The standard nose radius generates the lowest cutting forces and has the lowest stability requirements while wiper gives an unbeatable combination of high productivity and excellent surface finish.


PCBN Inserts

PCBN (Polycristaline-Cubic-Boron-Nitride) is not found in nature, it is a synthetic material which is the result of an high temperature and high pressure process (HTHP). When PCBN tips are brazed to a carbide insert a powerful cutting tool is born.

– Solid
– Tipped

Micro End Mill

PCD Tipped Inserts

PCD (Polycristalline Diamond) is a composite of diamond particles that are sintered with a metallic binder creating the hardest and one of the most abrasion resistant materials used in cutting tools.

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