PressLube Broaching Oil

PressLube Broaching Oil

Our PressLube Broaching Oil is a proprietary formulation created to improve the performance of your broaching tools without the use of chlorine (Cl) and phosphorous (P). Our environmentally safe lubricant contains a special electrostatic precipitator (EP) additive that combines with active and inactive sulfurized lubricity agents to product a high-performance broach cutting oil product.

How it Works

Our unique EP agent plates the work surface during metal forming and creates a film that has low shear strength and a high melting point. The inert chemical reaction between the lubricant and metal surface allows for improved broaching speeds and tool life. 

In contrast, typical lubricants made with chlorinated waxes react with metal surfaces to produce chloride films. Those chlorides contribute to fluid degradation, interfere with rust inhibitors, create ecological challenges and increase your disposal costs. 

round push broach

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