Micro Drills

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Micro Drills That are Circular, Concentric and Straight Within 2 Microns

All micro drills from GMauvaisUSA are painstakingly engineered to perfection: each drill within microns of the next and last produced greatly improving process repeatability. Our extreme precision in craftmanship leverages generations of artisans using custom built proprietary machines in a laboratory like environment.

Micro Drills

GMauvaisUSA micro drills come in a range of sizes and materials including HSS-E Cobalt 8% and Solid Carbide. Our ultra high-precision drills are ideal for a wide range of applications in medium and high tensile strength steels, stainless steel, titanium alloys and cast iron.

Our series include: 

GMauvaisUSA Hgh-Precision Micro Drills

Advanced Precision Micro Tool Holders

Our advanced precision micro tool holders are ideal for high performance, tight tolerance applications and micro parts production. The collets and collet sleeves create extreme concentricity for our micro drills. 

precision micro tool holders

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