Indexable Drilling

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Reliable, High-Performance Indexable Holders & Inserts for Drilling

 Create the exact diameters you need with our line of indexable holders and inserts for drilling.

Indexable Holders for Drilling

Our line of indexable holders for drilling include our INTEGREX line, plus Jet Drills, Trepanning Drills and Vortex Drills.

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Indexable Inserts for Drilling

Compatible with our tool holders, our indexable inserts for drilling include solutions for stainless steel, iron, aluminum, titanium and more. 

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As your Tooling Concierge, we use our expertise to understand your complex machining applications and recommend the right tooling. At Pilot, we also leverage our technical knowledge and business relationships to connect you with four of the world’s most respected brands of broaching tools, reamers, micro endmills & drills, and more.