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Unique portfolio of center drills, countersinks, reamers, spot drill, micro end mills and multi-function tools that offer superior consistency and performance

Improve your productivity with our European-crafted premium quality round tools that deliver longer tool life, improved surface finish and better consistency. For applications demanding the highest levels of performance and reliability, we have a wide range of tools from micro to miniature and standard sizes. We also offer combination tools like our Multi-V, 10 function tools for maximum productivity.

Our round tool portfolio covers a wide range of applications across almost any material with our “X-series” coatings:

  • Centering – Spotting – Combined Drilling
  • Multi-Function Tools
  • Countersinking
  • High Precision Micro & Miniature Reamers
  • Micro End-mills
  • Runs at Faster Speeds & Feeds

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