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Established Rotary, Index and Punch Broaches Made for all Alloys

The authority in broaching: With superior American craftsmanship combined with a passion for unmatched quality and consistency, Hassay Savage’s tooling delivers a distinctive competitive advantage.

In standard and specialized sizes and shapes, Hassay Savage’s portfolio covers:

  • Custom / Index Broaches (Hex, Square, Hexalobe…)
  • CNC Single Point Keyway Broaches
  • Hexagonal Rotary Punch Broaches M-2 and M-42
  • Square Rotary Punch Broaches
  • Adjustable Rotary Broach Holders
  • Rotary Broaching Set-Up Plugs
  • Swiss Style Rotary Punch Broaches
  • Swiss Style Non-Adjustable Holders

For additional information about our hexagonal and square rotary punch broaches and Swiss style rotary punch broaches…

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